LA Donuts

Exploring LA one donut shop at a time.
Jennifer Warwick and Morgan Grobe recently moved to Los Angeles. Starting at the closest to their home and moving outward they visit a donut shop a week and chat about it.

category: comedy
tags: comedy improv los angeles food donuts


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LA Donuts ep. 16 - (1:01:58) 28.59 MB
From the archives to excite you for our triumphant 2014 return. This is the last episode of season 1. Season 2 starting up in April!!!!!

LA Donuts ep. 15 - (57:54) 26.73 MB
We had a hiatus and we are hoping you don't hate us. We return with sadness and deliciousness. Enjoy.

LA Donuts ep. 14 - (1:05:43) 30.31 MB
It's a HOT-isode and a bit of a RACE-isode. LA gets all sorts of explored up in here so listen and learn.

LA Donuts ep. 13 - (1:09:49) 32.18 MB
Guestisode!!! First time guest Daran Norris joins Jen and Morgan on their quest for the Perfect Donut!!

LA Donuts ep. 12 - (58:42) 27.09 MB
Zappa-isode!!! Depressing movies, BREAKING NEWS!!, drugs, Frank Zappa music and so much more.

LA Donuts ep. 11 - (1:04:26) 29.56 MB
Cemetery-isode!! Donuts, dead bodies, LA Nightclubs and more donuts.

LA Donuts ep. 10 - (1:02:36) 28.88 MB

LA Donuts ep. 09 - (1:11:35) 32.99 MB
Wherein we discuss award winning beer, butt hurts, Mel Blanc, Miley Ray, and we break-up over an apple fritter.

LA Donuts ep. 08 - (1:02:57) 29.04 MB
Donuts, food safety, wedding talk, and so much more. Everything comes full circle, just like a donut.

LA Donuts ep. 07 - (1:06:19) 30.42 MB
Don't be a d hole. Listen and enjoy.

LA Donuts ep. 06 - (56:59) 26.15 MB
Wherein we do the same thing we always do but different if uknawmean?

LA Donuts ep. 05 - (1:03:37) 29.19 MB
Go ahead and dunk this one in some coffee and enjoy.

LA Donuts ep. 04 - (1:04:24) 29.48 MB
We are now rolling in the dough.

LA Donuts ep. 03 - (56:29) 25.86 MB
A raving lunatic, an apple fritter, and a maple bar. And microphones.

Episode 02 - (1:04:11) 29.38 MB
We've decided on a name and figure out many of the worlds donut related issues.

LA Donuts ep. 01 - (48:54) 22.39 MB
This is the origin. The ingredients are laid out, the oil is heating, and the donut love is ever present.